Battery Power Requirements for R/C Vehicles

This javascript/HTML calculator is based on the original work of Nick Maslowski, re-styled to fit the site's scheme. It will calculate how much power (watts) and amperage is needed to go a certain speed in a specified amount of time, the motor KV and RPM necessary, and a few other tidbits of information.

Fill in all of the fields values and press the "Calculate" button to display the results. Some fields can be automatically filled with pre-determined values by selecting from the associated drop-down list.

Vehicle Weight (?): lbs
Vehicle Width (?): inches
Vehicle Height (?): inches
Pinion Gear tooth count (?):
Spur Gear tooth count (?):
Building List...
Transmission Gear Ratio (?):
Building List...
Front/Rear Differential Gear Ratio (?):
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Additional Gear Ratio (?):
Tire Diameter in Inches (?):
Building List...
Added Radius of Tire "Ballooning" (?): inches
Drag Coefficient (?):
Drive Configuration (?):
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Total Battery Voltage (?):
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Electrical Efficiency (?): %
Target Top Speed (?): mph
Time to Get to Top Speed (?): seconds