Popup Windows (V 4.5)

These popups have the appearance of regular popup windows, but aren't. They are actually just a collection of DIV and SPAN elements made to emulate most of a real popup's features such as resize, drag, min/max/close, etc. If the content of the popup is an external site, the content area is an IFRAME element instead, but the rest of the popup are DIV and SPAN elements. You can see a few examples of these popups on this page.

These popup windows are totally transparent to any "popup stopper" programs out there since they are not popups at all. I personally hate popups when excessively used, but there are times where they make sense in a page's design.

Along with the ability to control just about every aspect of their appearance, I created a number of javascript functions you can use to control them via link or timer. Examples of these functions can be found in the table below. They are explained in greater detail further down this page.

Div1 WindowDiv2 WindowDiv3 Window
Resize disabledresizePopup('Div2',300,300)resizePopup('Div3',150,150)

*** WIZARD *** You can use the wizard, found here to assist in the initial creation of these popups.

Script features/usage:

To install this script, follow the steps below:

Thanks go out to the many people who have contributed suggestions to make this script better. Some people wanted to evolve this into a full scale GUI!. While possible, the amount of needed parameters would make it very non-intuitive. Unfortunately, I was unable to use all their suggestions, but I have implemented the most commonly requested ones.

Some people have asked me why I don't simply use style sheets to govern these popups' appearance. There are two reasons:
  1. When used in "old browser" mode, the script couldn't read the values from a style sheet.
  2. It makes the script more "fool-proof" by not exposing certain style values to the end user. My scripts are designed to be as modular and easy to implement as possible, although this one can be difficult for a "newbie" to configure.
If anyone has a way to make an IFRAME element follow the z-order rules in NS6, PLEASE e-mail me! I have tried all kinds of work-arounds which don't seem to work.

The release notes are included in the downloadable zip file for those who are interested in the evolution of this script.