RC Calculations Logo Car/Truck Setup Guide

This page is used to guide you in estimating the required motor, voltage, and gearing for your car or truck. This tool is designed for typical systems; 20lbs or less and for speeds 50mph or less.

There are some parameters that are not listed such as tire ballooning, motor resistance, current draw, etc that can alter real-world results, but this is intentional to make selection as easy as possible at the expense of some accuracy.

  • Step 1: Enter your vehicle data

    Desired Vehicle Speed (?): mph
    Vehicle Weight (?): lbs
    Front/Rear Differential Gear Ratio (?):
    Building List...
    Transmission Gear Ratio (?):
    Building List...
    Additional Gear Ratio (?): :1
    Spur Gear (?):
    Building List...
    Tire diameter (?):
    Building List...