Javascript Archive

This page contains ZIP archives of all the scripts stored at this site. In case you did not read the home page, development was stopped sometime in 2004, so they may need further editing depending on your needs.


MineField Clone of the classic MicroSoft Windows MineSweeper game.
Connect 4 2 Player game where you drop chips to get 4 in a row.
Poker Classic game of Solitaire 5-card draw Poker.
Crystal Ball Javascript mind reading crystal ball. Original idea based on a Flash movie by Andy Naughton
Pok's Games User submitted collection of hi-quality games.
Popup Target Game Highly customizeable popup target game. Initially designed for my kids, I thought someone else might like them :)
Concentration Various versions of the game Concentration.
Simon Says Memory game where you try to match "Simon's" moves.
Shoot the Rockets Shoot the rockets before they reach the other side.
Picture Puzzle Turns almost any picture into a javascript puzzle.
Whack the Gopher Smack the gophers on the head as they come out of their holes.
Tic Tac Toe The name says it all. Play against the computer to get three X's in a row.
Dodge 'Em Two different versions of simple driving games where you try to avoid the other cars as you race down the road.
Mine Search HP48gx calculator Minesweeper clone.
Pong Simple game where you keep the ball from going by your paddle.
Dice Roller Use this script when you don't have any real dice on hand.
Shooting Gallery Use the bow & arrow to shoot the balloons... but NOT the animals.


PageScroller Allows users to scroll a page in any direction without using the scrollbars.
Marquee Replacement Three different cross-browser replacement for IE's marquee tag.
Link Slider User submitted script that displays continuously scrolling links at the top of your page.
Framed Horizontal Scroller Allows users to horizontally scroll another page in a different frame without using the scrollbars.
Framed Vertical Scroller Allows users to vertically scroll another page in a different frame without using the scrollbars.

Date/Time scripts

Calender Versatile DHTML calender.
Basic Calender Basic calender visually based on the more advanced Form Bound DHTML Calender.
Form Bound DHTML Calender DHTML calender that takes a date from a form element and return a date string depending on user choice.
Bargraph Clock A clock displayed bargraph style.
Basen Clocks Clocks in binary, hexadecimal, and BCD formats.
Analog Clock Analog clock (with "hands")
Date Stamp Script that stamps the date on your page.
Text Clock Continuously updating text clock.
Loadtime Script that will display total page loading time.


Temperature Table Generator Generates Celcius to Fahrenheit conversion table with parameters you specify.
Temperature Converter Converts temperatures from/between Celcius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and Rankin.
Loan Calculator Loan payment calculator for figuring mortgage payments. Also has a payment schedule generator.
Basic Calculator Javascript calculator with the basic functions.
Unit Conversion Converts between common unit types such as feet to meters, grams to ounces, etc...
Ohm's Law Ohm's Law calculator for electronics enthusiasts. Calculates Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power.

Background Effects

WindowsXP Progressbar This script displays a WindowsXP style progressbar.
LED Display Panel This user-submitted script allows you to have a scrolling message like an LED sign hence the name.
Matrix Background Animation This script sorta looks like the scrolling green glyphs on the Matrix.
Roaming Butterfly Any number of butterflies (or any other images) floats around the page.
Roaming Butterfly 2 Similar to v1, but uses javascript to animate the images instead of animated GIFs.
Starfield Simulation A fairly decent imitation of flying through space.
IE Scrollbar Color Wizard Use this wizard to determine the color to use for your scrollbars. (IE5.5+)
IE Scrollbar Fader Gradually fades the scrollbar from one color to the other (IE5.5+).
Twinkling Star Background Randomly "twinkles" stars to add realism to your starry background.
BGcolor Fader Gradually fades the background color between two colors.
Swimming Fish Fish swimming around your page.
Webcam Image Refresh Simple script to refresh a webcam image without refreshing the entire page.
Snow Effect Programmable snow drifts across your page
Alien Explorer An alien spacecraft wanders around the page.
Floating Email Logo E-Mail logo stays in the lower right corner of the page even when scrolling.

Miscellaneous Effects

Popup Windows Windows-like popups with tons of versatile settings.
Progress Bar Graphical display of cached image loading.
Timer Bar Graphical bar to be used as a timer.
Percent Bar Graphical bar which you can control from your scripts.
Text CrossFader Creates a crossfade color effect to normal text.
Tabular Data Control Script submitted by Premshree S Pillai to import tabular data from a row/column delimited text file.
Zoom Scrollbars User-submitted CSS to adjust the size of your page's scrollbars.
SideMenu Navigation system which tucks to the side when not in use.
Dynamic Menu Menu system that you can use multiple times in the same page.
Document KeyPress Allows you to type directly on the document without the use of text boxes.
Background Music Allows MIDI files to play in the background of your page.
Document Title Changes the text in the titlebar of the browser.
Joke Computer Error Message Joke computer error message. Warning: Some people may find this offensive.

Mouse Effects

LinkDock Menu system which looks somewhat like the dock in the MAC OSX operating system.
Hover Bottuns Easy way to add button-like functionality to normal DIV elements.
Link Fader This script allows you to create links (and other elements) whose text color fades between two colors when moused over/out.
Vertical LinkDock Vertical version of my original LinkDock Menu system which looks somewhat like the dock in the MAC OSX operating system.
Context Menu This script disables the built-in context menu when you right-click in the browser and replaces it with one of your choosing.
Alttxt Displays a customizable tooltip near any link.
Opacity Script This script makes elements fade in and out of view. Kinda neat, but doesnt work in Netscape 4.x.
SliderBar Menu This custom script was contracted by a client who never mailed the payment, so here it is for free.
Foldertree This script creates expandable/collapsable elements similar to the script below, but with a few enhancements.
Expand/Collapse Script This script creates expandable/collapsable elements for use in Question & Answer pages.
Dragging Script This script enables you to enable dragging functionality for almost any HTML element with just a few simple steps.
CrossHair I modeled this script after one I found on, I just decided to try a stab at it. :)
Assembled Images Several images chase the mouse, but when you stop the mouse, the images overlap creating a single image.
Letter Trail You set a phrase and the letters follow the mouse.
Wavy Text This script makes text wave in a sinusoidal pattern. You can set it to follow the mouse or stay at a position you set.
Echo Text Text follows your mouse around the page with an echo effect.
Image Trail Typical script where you can have images follow the mouse, with a few options to make things interesting.