R/C Calculations

This site contains a collection of tools for radio-controlled vehicles, specifically brushless-powered: speed calculators, system wiring diagrams, battery pack wiring, gear selection, motor and vehicle data, etc.

Random Tip:

Did you know these pages have a "help system" for extra information about a specific item? Wherever you see little questionmark link (?), click it and a window will open with the explanation.

For more information about this, check out the FAQ Page.
Did you know you can view all the motor, transmission, differential, tire, and spur gear data available at this site? Just go to the the "Data Tables" link in the site's menu and select the data you want to see.
Are you a developer who would like access to the motor, transmission, differential, tire, and spur gear data available in this site? All that data is stored in portable XML file format. See the FAQ Page for more details.
Are you fairly new to electric-powered vehicles and unsure about what voltage, motor, or gearing to use for your setup? Give the Car/Truck Setup Guide a try.
Do you want to add LED lighting to your vehicle? The LED Calculator page can help you.
Are you creating a custom vehicle and want to know what shocks or dogbones from other vehicles will work? The Shock Dimension Table or Dogbone Dimension Table pages may help.
Are you unsure what power supply you need for your battery charger? The Lithium Battery Charger Data or Required Charger Calculator pages can help.
Do you need a certain shock/differential oil thickness that you don't have or that is unavailable? The Silicone Oil Mixture Calculator can show you how to mix two different oils to make the thickness you need.

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